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1 OAK (One of a Kind)

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New York


1 OAK (One of a Kind) is renowned as the best late night party
venue all over the city. As the name suggests, this club is unique in its own
style. 1 OAK is located on 17th street in the center of Chelsea, and it is still
considered as the heart of New York City nightlife traditions. 1 OAK offers a
night club standard which is a complete source of entertainment for party
lovers. This club gives a splendid combination of renowned DJs and their
captivating performances. This is highly preferable night spots for

1 OAK greets its customers with a delicate decor, a large dance floor and
tasteful cocktails. 1 OAK has maintained its competitive status and gone
through several rise and fall. The decor of this venue is specially designed
that gives a very pleasant and lovely look to the club. It's beautiful
arrangement and romantic decor fascinates people to visit this place more
often. 1 OAK is an exclusive place for youngsters for partying hard.
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January 14 , 2014