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San Francisco Olympic Club

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San Francisco


The "San Francisco Olympic Club" is the oldest athletic and private social club in San Francisco, California, in the United States. It was established on 6th May, 1860 by the President, G.W. Bell, Secretary, E. Bonnell, Treasurer, H.G. Hanks, and Leader, Arthur Nahl. Olympic Club is recognized by the United States Golf Association, as one of the first 100 golf clubs established in the United States.

San Francisco Olympic Club has three golf courses located in the southwestern corner of the city, and has two separate Clubhouse. The main "City Clubhouse" is located in downtown San Francisco, and the "Lakeside Clubhouse" is located just north of the Daly City border. First permanent clubhouse was opened by the club on 2nd January , 1893, located on Post Street.

The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Basketball Championship was won by the club's amateur basketball team in 1915. The National Amateur Middleweight boxing title was awarded to club member Fred Apostoli in 1934. The Club member Arthur Larsen won the U.S. Open of tennis in Forest Hills, New York in 1950. The Olympic Club water polo team was awarded Water Polo National Championship in 1959. Five Olympic Club members have won the Dip sea Race as well.
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January 5 , 2014