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San Francisco Zoo

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San Francisco

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The San Francisco Zoo is a 100-acres spanning zoo located on Sloat Boulevard at the Great Highway, San Francisco, California.

The zoo houses around 693 individual animals representing about 197 species categorized in the exhibits of Australian WalkAbout, Bear Country, Eagle Island, Fisher Family Children's Zoo, Fred Carroll Family Sea Lion Pool, Greenie's Conservation Corner, Hearst Grizzly Gulch, Insect Zoo, Jones Family Gorilla Preserve, Koala Crossing, Koret ARC & Hawk Hill, Leanne B. Roberts African Savanna, Lion House, Lipman Family Lemur Forest, Meerkats & Prairie Dog Exhibit, Nature Trail, Nature Exploration Meadow, Penguin Island, South American Tropical Forest, Wetlands and others.

The zoo features a Wildlife Theater and a plant collection divided into the categories of Public "park-like" landscapes, plants for animal diets, Windbreak forest, Native plant gardens, restoration and conservation areas.
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December 20 , 2013