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Aquarium of the Bay

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San Francisco


Aquarium of the Bay is a public aquarium located at Beach Street, San Francisco, California exhibiting the sea creatures beneath the surface of the San Francisco Bay and surrounding waters.

The Exhibits are classified under three categories:

Discover the Bay: featuring a variety of satellite tanks containing animals such as moray eels, Bay Pipefish, garibaldi, and more.

Under the Bay: features 300 feet spanning crystal clear tunnels with swimming overhead containing thousands of aquatic animals and other sea creatures including stingrays and sharks.

Touch the Bay: is a special exhibits where visitors can touch several types of animals including bat rays, sting rays, skates, leopard sharks, sea stars, and sea cucumbers etc.

The aquarium is also home to a theater called "The Bay Theater" featuring a diversified range of programs including 3D films, award-winning documentaries, San Francisco Magic Show and special features on marine conservation and San Francisco Bay ecology.

Moreover the facility can also be rented out for special occasions, corporate events, birthday parties, youth group parties, and other special programs.
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December 17 , 2013